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"Our son had been in occupational therapy for years for sensory integration dysfunction and although my husband was willing to help with at-home therapies, it wasn't until we both took Christy's sensory overview course that we both fully understood how sensory integration affects our son and how treatment can help.  The course gave us the knowledge to assist our son in finding what he needed to keep his "engine" green and allowed all of us to be on board with his treatment!"

Angie G., son, age 9, Avondale Estates


“I highly recommend attending all of the overview classes that Christy offers. Not only did I gain a much better understanding of what was trying to be accomplish during sessions, but the classes gave me a window into what was happening in my child’s mind and heart. To this day I still refer back to the notes and the concepts that she imparted during these sessions. I don’t think that our experience would have been nearly as successful without these valuable insights."

Elizabeth B. daughter age 2, Hapeville


"I found the overview to be invaluable in my understanding of my son's sensory issues. My son was four when I first met Christy at her overview.  So often, you hear behavior, behavior, behavior from well-meaning, but uneducated and inexperienced teachers, doctors and therapists.  Christy's overview answered so many of the what, why and how questions that I had.  As a parent, it is painfully hard to see your child struggle where other children cruise right along.  After the overview, I had new tools and the power of knowledge to help me help my son. He is now 7 years old, playing football, baseball, and thriving in school.  The overview was one of the first and most important steps that I took with my son.  After attending Christy's playroom seminar, we turned the extra bedroom into a mini engine room.  We put mattresses on the floor and hung a swing (our son's favorite) from the ceiling.  We used a thick stretchy lycra fabric that he could bounce, swing, spin, or just sit in and feel deep pressure.  He started many of his days in the swing to get himself regulated, and he used it after school to help him relax.  Christy gave us so many great ideas to try, that there was something for every child's sensory profile.  We did ours on a very small scale and budget but feel like it made a big impact."

Adrienne F., son, age 7, Buford


"When I have parents attend Christy's overview series, the parents gain a deeper understanding of their child's sensory processing skills which helps them to follow through more effectively at home. My own sessions, as a results, become more productive and the child makes greater progress overall. "

Stephanie Young, Occupational Therapist, Atlanta

"The Sensory Integration Overviews were so helpful for me to better understand the concept and the challenges my daughter has. Christy gave us several practical suggestions that have been helpful for her to cope with the environment. It was also vital to have her teacher attending the overviews so she can better address her behaviors at school, which has helped my daughter to be more productive and less frustrated."

Marcia H., daughter, age 6, Decatur


"Our son's balance and strength have improved markedly since we installed the playroom we learned about at Christy's overview. It is an excellent place for him to explore sociability with other children and adults. He seems to feel safe to really play there with others and has really been the place that he's opened up to 'strangers' the most. We've had it installed for a year now, and Nathan is regularly finding new and creative ways to have fun in his playroom - so, it hasn't gotten stale either! Thanks for encouraging us to do it, Christy. Now Nathan can get good vestibular and propreceptive input even when the weather doesn't cooperate!"

Michelle S., son, age 4, Atlanta


"Christy’s overview was the first communication we had that made sense and brought the pieces of Sensory Processing Disorder together in a coherent fashion.  We had been reading and seeing another OT, but didn’t feel like we reached “the big leagues” until her overview."

Alison D., son, age 5, Marietta


"I first was introduced to Christy with her workshop. As I sat on the couch in her home and looked at the wall as she had slide after slide of information, I soon began to realize she really understands my son. For the first time, I had hope that someone could finally help him with his sensory integration issues. After digesting all the information she had for the parents, I was eager for our son to see her individually.  After Christy had several appointments with him she made room in her schedule and saw him on a weekly basis. I believe her work was as impactful to Jacob as it was to me in being a better parent."

Lori P., son, age 8, Decatur





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