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"There’s not a day that goes by and we don't remember or actually implement something we learned from her this past summer when our son attended camp--it has been a game changer for all of us.  Thank you!!!"

..Sasha C, son age 7, Atlanta


"Working with Christy in the summer program opened my eyes to the very real sensory needs of children.  The classes on sensory integration and our conversations with Christy gave our family many powerful, effective tools for working with, instead of against, the unique needs of our child." 

Ashley P., son, age 7, Decatur


"Christy teaches not only the child but the family too which is critical to success.  Sadly, only a handful of therapists include the family too.  Discipline - positive or negative - wasn't working.  She taught me to 'walk beside' my child and be their life coach.  What a difference this makes!  I never understood why free time was so hard for my child.  Christy taught us that activities should always be goal oriented.  Otherwise, the children are often not successful at free play.  She taught us to acknowledge with our child the difficulties they have.  It should not be a secret.  The children know inside that they have more difficulty with daily life than others.  My son and I discuss together what we are going to work on.  The engine alert program has been wonderful for our son.  We have a language that allows us to discuss his difficulties without making it negative.  This has been such a positive program for him."

Wendy M., son, age 5, Norcross


"My son participated in Christy's summer program for two years.  He started just before his fifth birthday and went again the following year.  He had a great time, learned about his 'engine,' and still maintains friendships that he made in camp."

Adrienne F., son, age 7, Buford


"Christy's summer camp gave my son a way to identify where his engine is and if he needs to do something about it.  The camp, combined with the parent overview, gave our whole family a new vocabulary to identify behaviors.  We loved the camp so much, we begged Christy for a mini program so that my older son could benefit as well."

Lynn D., son, age 4, Marietta




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