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"My daughter starting seeing Christy when she was two and a half and unable to handle most social situations.   She was afraid of most sounds, unable to make eye contact, did not liked being touched, had terrible digestive issues, hated any sort of confusion and basically spent most of her day crying.   With Christy's help and guidance over the last year, my daughter is now able to attend school, take  gymnastic and swimming lessons, as well as play soccer and t-ball.   She is making friends and learning how to deal with stressful situations.   I can't thank Christy enough for the changes she help make in my daughters life, as well as our entire family's.

The best thing about Christy's approach is that she looks at the whole child.   While focusing on OT, Christy will also take into consideration diet/nutritional needs, vision therapy, sound therapy and crainiosacral therapy.   If Christy is not able to give the child as much attention in these areas as needed, she has wonderful experts she can refer you too.   In my daughter's case, she needed help in all the above areas and I believe that it was Christy's approach that made a huge difference for my daughter."

Julie W., daughter, age 3, Atlanta


"My son and I both did the sound therapy program, TLP, with Christy.   After the first few weeks, my son became aware of the fact that he 'talks different' from everybody else and he 'didn't understand words.'  While it was heartbreaking for him to feel different, it was also a huge step in the right direction, because now he understands why we do various therapies.  He also has more tolerance of other kids when they struggle.  Christy was always available to listen and talk through any of my concerns while doing the program."

Adrienne F., son, age 7, Buford


"After working with Christy and completing the listening program, we met with my daughter's teacher and she did not see any of the behaviors that had originally been reported. Our daughter has been responding to questions that the teacher directs to her while there is alot of classroom noise around her. She does not display needing additional directions in the classroom.   I have seen at home that I am no longer repeating directions. I can ask her to do three different things for me and she completes the tasks I've given her. I am no longer hearing 'huh' continually, or 'I forgot, what was I supposed to do', and I don't have to repeat myself. She's not knocking over anything during mealtime. Prior to the listening program, she'd knock something over during a meal daily."

Joanne H., daughter, age 9, Atlanta


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