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This series is scheduled throughout the year in an effort to help empower parents of children with a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) as well as adults with a SPD themselves. We strongly believe that progress goes hand in hand with the more you know and understand.

These two classes focus on:

        • making sense of a Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) and what, behaviorally, symptoms can look like
        • unveiling how life style choices can directly impact a Sensory Processing
        • highlighting ways to improve Sensory Processing both with the help of related therapies and/or on your own

Sensory Processing is one of the primary functions of the brain where by sensory input is  received, interpreted, and utilized so that we may successfully interact with others and our environment. It is essential for survival and for enabling us to achieve a more complete and enriched life. Better understanding Sensory Processing can benefit us all.

Your participation in these classes serves multiple functions to include: 

  • increasing your base knowledge of Sensory Processing as it pertains to your child, yourself, your professional needs, and life in general;
  • helping guide you as to what you can do outside of the therapy setting both under the guidance of a therapist and/or on your own;
  • introducing you to our philosophy and expectations prior to entering a more involved relationship with us whether as a 1 on 1 client or as a recipient of our consultative services;
  • demonstrating your willingness to be an involved partner with us.

We pride ourselves in enhancing quality of life by improving Sensory Processing. The degree and speed of progress is expedited when a team effort is available. Your participation in the two class series helps to assure us that we have shared with you the main principles of what we need you to know as a crucial member of our team. This “common ground” further enables us to explore and discuss, on a “higher level”, relative circumstances to your individual circumstances. Don’t be surprised if these classes additionally offer insight as to what you can do to make positive changes for your entire family! 


  • an introduction to the basics of Sensory Processing;
  • the neurology of behavior;
  • definition of SPD and examples of physical, cognitive and/or social-emotional challenges that often reflect a Sensory Processing Disorder
  • an introduction as what you can try on your own to support Sensory Processing and achieve desired results.


  • goes deeper into understanding the neurology of how life style choices can influence Sensory Processing
  • offers time to reflect on what variable(s) is/are most relative to your circumstances
  • offers general ideas for you to consider implementing on your own or to explore with specialists
  • discusses the power of your own “therapeutic use of self” in supporting improved Sensory Processing outcomes in others


"These classes helped our entire family!" Julie W., daughter, age 3, Atlanta, read Overview Testimonials here


Private Consultations

are available for those who have attended the overview series. The focus will be on reviewing how current routine “activities of daily living” may be supporting or interfering with challenges that you have identified. Recommendations based on what is understood by your report and what is being seen during the session will be made in an attempt to support improved Sensory Processing.  To help evaluate where challenges may be coming from, an opportunity will be available, with therapist supervision, to use relative equipment in the clinic. This consolation service is intended to provide cursory impressions only of how Sensory Processing challenges may or may not be occurring with suggestions of areas that may prove beneficial for you to explore. Consultation sessions are offered on a limited (1 to 5) basis and are not intended to take the place of a more comprehensive evaluation as would be appropriate for determining a Sensory Processing Disorder.



Overview Series - Begins January 30th (Thursdays, 7pm - 8:30pm)

January 30 - 1st Class: Sensory Processing Overview: Integration VS Stimulation

February 6 - 2nd Class: Life Style Choices: The Power of You

Overview Series - Begins April 16th (Thursdays, 7pm - 8:30pm)

April 16 - 1st Class: Sensory Processing Overview: Integration VS Stimulation

April 23 - 2nd Class: Life Style Choices: The Power of You

Overview Series - Begins June 4th (Thursdays, 7pm - 8:30pm)

June 4 - 1st Class: Sensory Processing Overview: Integration VS Stimulation

June 11 - 2nd Class: Life Style Choices: The Power of You

Overview Series - Begins September 17th (Thursdays, 7pm - 8:30pm)

September 17 - 1st Class: Sensory Processing Overview: Integration VS Stimulation

September 24 - 2nd Class: Life Style Choices: The Power of You

Overview Series - Begins November 5th (Thursdays, 7pm - 8:30pm)

November 5 - 1st Class: Sensory Processing Overview: Integration VS Stimulation

November 12 - 2nd Class: Life Style Choices: The Power of You

Sensory Processing Overviews Registration Form

Print the form below for 2019 or Click Overview%20Registration%20Form%202019_FILL1 Name: ________________________________________________ Day Phone: ____________________________

Address: ______________________________________________ Evening Phone: ________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________________

Please circle the series you wish to attend. You are not required to attend both classes within a series but must attend them in order. You may pay for the classes one at a time at $75 per class per family or pay $130 for both classes. In an effort to help more children, up to 3 teachers may sign up together for the "family price"! One check, please, per group.


Evening Classes
  1st Class

2nd Class


A schedule change has been made to the DAYclasses starting in JULY. This series will now START on JULY 20th. A group consenus will determine the Playroom Date This change IS NOT CORRECTED on the printable Registration Form.

People attending (please give names and relationship to child):________________________________________________________________


Child’s name, age, any formal diagnosis:__________________________________________________________________________________

How did you hear about these overviews: ________________________________________________________________________________

Email address: _________________________________________________________________

Amount Enclosed:_________________$75 for 1st Class _________________$130 for both classes


                                 Please make checks payable to:     Christy Kennedy

                                                                       and mail to:     234 E. Parkwood Road
                                                                                                 Decatur GA 30030-2813

Zelle payments (thru your bank) also accepted when sent to:

All lectures are held at the above address in a residential neighborhood..

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