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"There’s not a day that goes by and we don't remember or actually implement something we learned from her this past summer when our son attended camp--it has been a game changer for our entire family.  Thank you!!!" ..................................Sasha C, son age 7, Atlanta

Our "best of both worlds" summer program combines 15 hours of intensive therapy with sensory rich activities in a small group setting. Your child knows the basic rules of social interaction but using them in the "heat of the moment" is a totally different skill set that has to be guided and practiced.

Our intensive week of therapy highly focuses on learning "in the moment" self-awareness and emotional control. Therapeutic principals include the use of "How Does Your Engine Run?", Floortime and the Nurtured Heart Approach and ensures positive support for challenging moments. This program is directly lead by occupational therapist Christy Kennedy who has been a leader in sensory integration for more than 27 years and further supported by social worker, Annemarie Messerschmidt who brings her own 25 years of clinical experience with children. With the added benefit of a 5 experienced adults to 8-10 children ratio, this program offers a high level of "in the moment" support, training, and problem solving for every child.

This active playgroup setting offers "controlled complexity" and the opportunity for children to appropriately and effectively express their feelings. Children’s "in the moment" reactions to various sensory stimuli will be used to help them understand what helps them to feel comfortable and successful and what makes them feel irritated or overwhelmed. Behavioral responses (both favorable and unfavorable) will serve as a catalyst to help participants better understand their own feelings and behavior as well as those of others. This “in the moment” support offers the information and tools children need to develop strategies which in turn will increase successful social interaction and boost their feeling of self-worth.

At the end of each session, parents are encouraged to participate in a brief group review to discuss what activities the children participated in and how they responded and suggest activities that can be done at home to support this learning process. General “homework assignments” will also be given to the parents to help reinforce what is being taught in the group setting.

~~ Come join us for this life changing experience! ~~ CP


Children appropriate for this summer group program may have a diagnosis of a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), or maysimply be described as clumsy or slow to learn physical skills, bossy during interactive games, very messy or extremely clean, poor listeners, very disorganized or as having poor peer relationship skills.  These children, nevertheless, often have average or above average intelligence.  All children will need to have enough receptive and expressive language skills to participate in short group discussions.  Children may vary in their need to work on motor skill development versus meeting physical intensity needs.




The “Engine Program” for learning self-regulation will be introduced and practiced throughout the sessions, enabling children to learn about what helps them feel more in control of their feelings, behaviors and successes.   Learning about themselves as well as others will be tied in with learning how to cope as a member of a group.

Social/Emotional Development will be addressed during all activities and additionally emphasized in a breakout group of 4 to 5 children using reciprocal, interactive play. Children will be tackling problems head on that may be difficult for them, such as sharing, listening to other points of view, clingy or demanding behavior, wanting one's own way all the time, and/or feeling anxious about interacting with others or trying new things. Parents will be provided feedback and problem solving strategies to assist in  further developing these new skills.

Home Grown Activities have been added in response to the growing need to help children and families come up with "activities to do" at home (as an alternative to screens and to support a "Just Right Engine”).  Activities will be geared towards each age group.  

Included will be guided opportunities for children to:

  •  explore being creative with common household item
  • work with peers to share and combine ideas for goal oriented games
  •  learn to identify and define simple goals in games (their own and others)
  • explore and practice a positive competitive spirit
  • inspire enthusiasm for coming up with games and activities at home

The bigger picture goal will be to help children:

  • "think outside the box", beyond knowing what to do "as instructed"
  • practice sharing ideas with their peers in the spirit of "cooperative play"
  • practice recognizing goals in general (increasing a feeling of accomplishment) along with organizing their own ideas into goals
  • reflect on the competitive experience as a participant and observer of their peers as a "win-win" for all

Gross Motor Activities, both indoor and outdoor, are designed for children who may have difficulty with balance, large motor coordination, core strength, problem solving, or body-in-space issues. The gross motor portion will also be helpful for those children with good coordination and balance in that it will offer physical intensity beneficial for organization and toning. The use of swings, obstacle courses, a climbing wall, zip line, crash cushions, and resistance swimming pool will be incorporated into this summer experience.

Fine Motor, Perceptual Motor & even Oral Motor Activities will be included throughout the week, offering an opportunity to build on skills already achieved as well as to fine tune or enhance new skills in these areas.

Healthy Snacks are served in a group setting and include opportunities to explore taste texture and oral motor control. Peer support and the motivation to try new flavors (Mystery Pops!) and games around food can often help children overcome strong tendencies to refuse novel experiences.  Our healthy snacks are free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, artificial flavors/additives and are minimally processed if at all. Accommodations can be made for other allergies/sensitivities as needed. 

Assessment SENSORY CAMP SENSORY CAMP SENSORY SPD SPD SENSORY CAMP CAMP SPDSPD SPD Y Information about your child’s sensory processing and developmental concerns will be taken over the phone prior to the first day to aid in individualizing the sessions.  We will be happy to read any report that you may have or to talk with any therapist you feel would be helpful.  Participating children may already be receiving therapy services or may simply be struggling at school.  The group to which your child is assigned will be determined by age and similarities to other children within the group.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a formal evaluation or give a written report at the end of this summer program.

Insurance SENSORY CAMP SENSORY CAMP SENSORY SPD SPD SENSORY CAMP CAMP SPDSPD SNSORY . Billing statements using insurance codes required for filing claims will be issued at the end of June. If you are planning to file our services with your insurance company, you will need to be sure and provide us with your child's formal diagnosis. We unfortunately are not able to guarantee that insurance will accept the codes for our services. The following codes are used should you wish to check for coverage: 97530 Therapeutic Activity; 97150 Therapeutic Procedures Group; and 90853 Group Psychotherapy.

SENSORY CAMP SENSORY CAMP SENSORY SPD SPD SENSORY CAMP CAMP SPDSPD SEN . To maximize the benefits of this program, parents will need to know how to recognize and support their child’s attempt to practice what they have learned.  To this end, parents are asked to attend a two class lecture series that covers:  Understanding Sensory Processing: A Different Set of Lenses and Changing Your Trajectory: The Power of You.  Having this background prior to the start of this program will also serve to help parents participate more fully when discussing, understanding and addressing their child’s needs.  Please see the Overview Schedule for upcoming dates. 



There are two different groups, each limited to ten children. The younger group is made up of children ages 4 to 6, while the older group is children 7 to 9 years of age.


Please keep in mind that your children, while "playing", are working hard for 3 hours, 5 days in a row on learning and refining their own emotional awareness and control. They are additionally feeling the impact (contagious Engine) of their peer's emotional learning curve as well! For his reason, we have found that a 1/2 day works well and that a "less intense", lazy afternoon generally gives them time to "process" lessons learned and challenges experienced.


Christy Kennedy,OTR/L, a pediatric Occupational Therapist, has specialized in Sensory Integration for over 27 years. Offering typical outdoor activities while supporting organized sensory processing in a group setting, and hence, success and self-esteem building opportunities has been a focus of hers over the past 20 summers. Christy additionally emphasizes parent education and feels it is an integral part in supporting a child “put into practice” what has been learned in the therapy session.

Annemarie Messerschmidt, LCSW a Clinical Social Worker, has over twenty four years of experience and has worked extensively with children who have anxiety disorders such as Social Anxiety, Depression, ADHD/ADD, Oppositional Defiant behaviors, developmental delays and Conduct Disorders.  Using a developmentally based play therapy approach, she has lead group therapy sessions and facilitated peer play.  Her own child’s challenges with developmental delays have provided her with a special understanding of the emotional effects on families.

In addition to Christy and Annemarie, the program is further augmented by three adults (often teachers or related therapists) who are trained in Christy's methods to provide a supervisory ratio of better than one adult for every two children.

."Christy taught me to "walk beside" my child and be their life coach. " ................................................... ....Wendy M., son, age 5, Norcross, .....Rea............................... ........ Summer Program Testimonials here


First Summer Session (Ages 4-6) - Begins June 15th

June 15 - June 19 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 12pm)

Second Summer Session (Ages 7-9) - Begins June 22nd

June 22 - June 26 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 12pm)

Daily attendance is necessary to fully benefit from the group experience and foster group cohesiveness.


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