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Individual & Summer Intensive Services Available!
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Direct Therapy
Summer Program
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· Weekly Occupational Therapy in a 1-on-1 Setting
· Family "Engine" Self-Regulation Consultations
· Sensory Integration Intensive Clinic and Home Program
· Private Consultations Following Overview Lectures



Weekly Occupational Therapy in a 1-on-1 Setting

Individual Occupational Therapy treatment sessions with you and your child are provided on a weekly basis.  The frequency may be anywhere from one to three times a week. Taking into consideration what is needed, your child will be guided through a variety of activities to address gross and fine motor coordination skills and motor planning (ideation, problem solving and execution).  In addition to physical skill development, socialization and self-help skills may also be addressed as they relate to sensory processing.  Matching appropriate arousal/regulation levels will be taught and emphasized throughout all activities.  The parent's attendance in the session allows the parent and child to learn together, in the moment, with regard to figuring out what sensory input is helpful and what stimulus is disorganizing.  A strong emphasis will additionally be placed on follow through at home to help expedite the therapy process.  The overall goal of the sessions will be to optimize a child's performance in activities of daily living identified as delayed or problematic within the realm of Occupational Therapy.


Family "Engine" Self-Regulation Consultations

Engine Self-Regulation consultations are designed to teach the entire family how to recognize arousal state changes, learn to connect the dots as to "why" someone may be feeling and acting the way they are, and to learn how to select beneficial activities which optimize performance and behavior.  These will have naturally occurred following a sibling's attendance in our summer program but can be tailored to meet each individual family's needs.  Parental completion of the Overview Series is a prerequisite for this service.


Sensory Integration Intensive Clinic and Home Program

SI Intensive Clinic and Home Program is offered to families in an attempt to "jump start" or minimize the amount of Occupational Therapy needed to resolve sensory concerns.  An intensive (16 to 20 sessions over the course of 5 weeks) is offered with an emphasis on vestibular, visual and auditory processing.  A formal home program will be assigned on the weekdays that the child does not come to the clinic.  At minimum, your child will need to be able to follow specific verbal instructions and be "available" to cooperate. Parental completion of the Overview Series is a prerequisite for this service.


Private Consultations Following Overview Lectures

Private consultations are available for those who have attended the overviews and ideally have a designated play space in their home.  During a one hour session, your child will have the opportunity to explore the equipment in Christy's clinic under her guidance.  The focus will be on reviewing your child's Sensory Diet, helping you use or further create your available play space at home, discussing the therapeutic appropriateness of an activity or piece of equipment along with ideas for using your equipment in a variety of ways.  This service is offered on a limited basis (not to exceed 5 sessions).


"Christy changed the course of my son's life" Cary C., son, age 5, Atlanta, read more Direct Therapy Testimonials here


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